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What is chemical toxicity?

Learn about Chemical toxicity in the body and how it is a concern that may not have had optimum research. Due to the large volume of toxic chemicals in the …

Strength training and Muscle Building

Building muscle and training for greater strength is a key to great health and peak fitness. Dr. Gregory Ellis teaches the science of strength training and muscle building. Dr. Ellis …

Energy Medicine and Homeopathy: Drainage program

Learn to drain the toxins from your body using homeopathic medicine which is a branch of energy medicine. This homeopathic remedy assists the body in depleting toxins from the body.

Physical activity and weight control

Physical activity and exercise assists strongly in weight loss. This video describes the sedentary lifestyle of modern society and debunks the concept that we are having a fitness explosion.

The Zone Diet and Ketosis

The Zone diet avoided Ketosis by increasing the daily percentage of carbohydrates in the diet to a non-ketogenic level. This video describes the right balance between insulin and glucagon.

Low fat diet and heart disease

Low fat diets cause heart disease and more researchers are beginning to find the links between heart disease and carbohydrate rich diets.