February 23, 2022

Is Russia our Enemy or Ally?In the past, Russia has always been an Ally, even during the Civil War, then America became arrogant and full of our selves, creating the Cold War, now Russians are the Bad Guys.There is No Doughs that Russia CAN Kick our Asses, and with our Military leaders of Milli Vanilli

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Is Russia our Enemy or Ally?

February 22, 2022

WTF-Keeping Silent And Lying To Us At The Same Time News Outlets know what is really happening in Ukraine, but yet act “As If” they haven’t a clue causing fear and uncertainty in the minds of Americans. Why would the pundits in the media lie to us, is it to incite fear, isn’t that the same

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PGP 02/22/22 || WTF-Keeping Silent And Lying To Us At The Same Time

February 10, 2022

Handing My City a $750K Diminution of value, this should be fun.Yep, still Rated (R)Defund Bureaucracy, Join the Fight against Agenda 21 This site is under construction so watch your step as you look around LOL, there are a few posts and most importantly, The DONATE Button, I’m using Give Sand Go try it out…Please

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Handing My City a $750K Diminution of value || PGP 02/08/22

February 6, 2022

So John Jeffers told me “Make a DAMN Podcast!!!” So here it is Sir.The shop tour is just something I have been fixing up for the longest time, but the RANT is about why I haven’t done a Show for a while. My Court date was set for 02/01 and has been Continued until…I don’t

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Shop Tour and What is Happening with My Trial

February 4, 2022

  The criminal Biden regime is thrusting America into a state of total collapse — supply chain failures, skyrocketing inflation, mass money printing and economic catastrophe — while sowing hatred and division among the population. Soon, an engineered cyber attack will target America’s financial infrastructure and regional power grid operators. The result will be near-instant

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Battlefield America: 2022 – 2024, Episode 4, Steve Quayle and Mike Adams