October 27, 2016

Our coming Election | PGP049

by Mark Boyle

This Election, will have consequences.

This election is not about the First Women or the First Businessman, it's about who will make your life better,  or kill your job?


At this point in My life, I will be fine, no matter the outcome.  I am secure, and no longer tied to the things that once drove my decisions, can you say that?  If you can't, then this Election is very important to you and to all that is dear to you.

As parents, business owners, and active participants in the system, we all need to help set the course that we will inevitably travel.  If Americans continue to choose an uphill course, never thinking of an alternative paths, how  will things ever become easier?

My eldest son explained how he feels about the life choices he has made, and his feeling this way.  "I feel as if I am bound by all these ropes, and they are all connected to my Wife, my Children and all of my Business obligations.  I feel that it is the ropes that bind me to these thing, and yet, I am the one that is holding on to the ropes."

He went on to say that "all of my decisions are good, and that there is no remorse for making  them, but I must not let go of the ropes, or I will loose everything." 

This is why I say, at this point in "My Life", the outcome will not affect me, because all the ropes are now gone.  If you still hold Ropes in your life, you must become an active player in all the things that will affects the world in which you live.  

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This Election is an important one, no more than any other, but this is the one that you get a say in.  All the Social Pages say, We Need Term-Limits, well, now is the time, everything is in flux this Election, so take advantage of it.

Your incharge, don't like the Congress, Change it.  Do you disagree with your Senator, vote him or her out.  Think the Media is out of control? Prove them wrong, there is a choice this Election, status quo, VS. some one different.

With all the kaos caused by Trump, good or bad, we now can change everything.  All of the Politicians have shown their True Colors, the Media has played their Cards, and all of the divisive Groups have picked their sides.  All Things are laid open for examination, so examine all things.

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