January 13, 2016

PGP026: Supporting the Oregon protesters, Pick a Side and Stand

by Mark Boyle
Oregon Protest
So This Is What the Media is Calling the "Oregon Protesters" in Oregon and an "Occupation of a Federal Building".

Summary: Call to Action, and a Gut Check for the Folks Calling This Bad Timing.


Relatives of the ranchers convicted of Arson and

Dwight Hammond and his son Steven D. Hammond, 46, distanced themselves from the Protesters (Militia) arrival,

but said they understood the underlying anger over federal land policies that many here feel are intrusive and overreaching.

Family Members

The Hammonds are truly being understanding, and most likely still licking their wounds but the Fed's are contemplating taking the rest of their Ranch Lands.  With all due Respect for the Hammond Family, it is not their choice if other Ranchers show Support and use this Event as a Catalyst for the greater Good of ALL Property Owners, yes even You.

Roger Wilson, 74, a retired outdoor outfitter, drove about 60 miles just to sit in his vehicle and watch what was happening. He said his own view of the situation was a bit conflicted.

Mr. Wilson said he was an admirer and a friend of the Hammond family — "I support them 100 percent," he said. But he added that he was wary about what might unfold with the arrival of the armed outsiders.

"I don't want to see them causing problems down here," he said.

Roger Wilson
Retired Outfitter

Roger Wilson don't want Problems down here, so I guess having the Federal Government STEEL hundreds of Thousands of ACERS, Un-Constitutionally is not a Problem.  Don't Rock the Boat I Guess.

While news organizations were initially using #OregonUnderAttack to talk about the standoff, Twitter users started using some less neutral terms to refer to the "militia." The primary hashtag Twitter users began employing was #YallQaeda, clearly likening the Oregon group to Al Qaeda.

Social Media

So Twitter and Facebook Dumb-asses are calling these Patriots names like YallQaeda, Wrongheaded and accusing them of Bad Timing, being Stupid and Terrorist.  WFT?

It Truly Sickens Me to see this type of Apathy in America, We the People need to Crack Open a Book or Two so we don't loose EVERYTHING.  Is this Issue just a Social Media Joke to Most Americans?  or Does Everyone just want to Play it Safe and Lay Low until some socialist jack-booted Thug Kicks them in the ass, or shoots them in the head?

If You, or other Americans, think the Fed's own the Land then Ask Yourself this, Who Funds the Federal Government?  If you Fund your project with your money and put it in the Bank, does the Bank OWN all your Stuff?  The Government that we setup and Fund is only a Management organization, it "Manages" OUR Stuff, and we Decide what is done whit that Stuff.

The Oregon Protesters say that the Land Belongs to the People, not the Fed's

What DO You Think?​

In this Episode we touch on:

  • When the Fed's Bought land in the Past, We the People Paid for it, and We own it.
  • When the Fed's Barrows Money from other Countries We the People Pay it Back.
  • When A State Joins the Union an Enabling Act states that the Land Belongs to that State.
  • Every State Owns the Land inside It's Borders and must Convey it to the People of that State.
  • The Fed's are in Violation of the Contracts signed if they say that they still own the Land.
  • The Protesters in Oregon are Right and the Fed's are Wrong, They fight For You, so say Thanks.
  • It is not up to the Hammonds or the Media when we choose to Stand for Liberty. 
  • If you can't say anything nice about the Protester, then don't say anything at all.
  • Pick a Side, Patriots or the Fed's then Stand for your team, Remember, If the Fed's Win, Americans Loses.

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