March 2, 2016

PGP033: Intent of the Constitution, and how your Local Sheriff can save America from Revolution.

by Mark Boyle
Local Sheriff

The most Important part of this is our Local Sheriff, that one Elected Official is the Key to regaining our Lost Liberty.  

When a Local Sheriff is on the Side of the Constitution, and honoring their oath, we have the Law on your side, the  Chief  Law Enforcement Officer.

But, before any of that can or will happen, we must learn the intent of the Constitution and what the Framers meant by "A More Perfect Union" 


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Summary:   The Local Sheriff may be Key in all things, but how do we help Him or Her understand the importance?  Can we, as Americans look history in the Eye and say for sure, this Federal Government is what the Framers had in mind as the Perfect Union, are we more Free and do we have the Liberty they Spoke of so eloquently? Was this their MasterPlan?

In this Episode we touch on:

  • If George Washington had wanted a Monarchy, why not be a King when it was offered to him?
  • What is the point of haveing States, and giving Them land, if the Federal Government wanted to keep it all in the first place?
  • A State has a Constitution, Legislature, and Representatives, Why bother if a State is part of the Colective?
  • The Commerce Clause states, "to keep the Commerce Regular Amongst the States," (plural)
  • Smart people have added garbage on top of the Constitution to Confuses us and muddy the Waters.
  • Most of that Garbage is not in the form of Amendments and, therefore, it is just bureaucracy and words with no authority or law.
  • Is the Government we have Today, better than what England offered Yesteryear? If not, then this is not the "More Perfect Union" the Framers Spoke of.
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For your Viewing Pleasure and Furthering the Education of "We the People"

A brief History lesson on the Compact called the Constitution

So what Can the Federal Government Do, and what Authority does it have Over the State's?...ZERO

Mark Levin is one of those I mentioned having too much Smarts and no sense of what is "A More Perfect Union". 

Honestly  even goes into what my last Podcast was about, Being Banned and Un-Friended.

America's History is British History, The Game of Thrones and the Fight For Liberty Rages. Hate the Game, not the Players. Just Kidding  hate the Player too.

Just when you thought that Liberty was only 288 years old, Nope, closer to 1000 years and still in the fight.

"Offering Focus and Clarity To Reluctant Preppers For What Matters Most"

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