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Leanda Keahi-Bevans

I love God, CrossFit and Music.

My personality dictates that although I will consider your feelings, I may not always agree with you, and if you ask my opinion I will always be honest, even if you might not like what I have to say. However, I will never persecute you or harass you if you have a different belief system, and I don't just mean religious or political. I am to a fault loyal, even if you hurt or betray me. I'm not a doormat. I just think it's an opportunity to exhibit unconditional love to someone who might not believe it exists.

Leanda Keahi-Bevans

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April 1, 2019

Woke up with some Revelations I made this video. I really hope you watch it.

I want to thank Rob and Candace Hughes 4 not only providing shelter, but also sincere love and care for me during my chemo and radiation.

I want to thank Charmaine Boyle and Mark Boyle for ensuring that I could get to my treatments and focus on getting better instead of worrying so much about the cost of those treatments.

I want to thank my sponsors who continue to provide me emotional physical and financial support in combating cancer and continuing this quest of becoming a weightlifting champion.
Sierra Design & Flooring
The prepper guy - website, podcast, YouTube channel
My 24/7 gym in Benson, AZ

I want to thank Sarah Riley for helping pull together some meals for me so that I didn't have to worry about cooking and also for rallying the troops to raise some money to help with my day-to-day costs.

I want to thank Miranda Beerman 4 liquor in me up with wine when I needed it, coffee and an ear when I needed it, prayers constantly, and for the use of her truck in the beginning so I could get to and from my appointments.

I want to thank my coach Matthew Okonsky four freaking every damn thing ever LOL for not only helping me with transportation but for always knowing exactly what to say at the exact moment. From teaching me my very first snatch 2 remind me that I'm a badass and I'm strong inside and out. 4 always seen value in me and not allowing me to be weak and whiny or feel sorry for myself.

I want to thank my coaches Jesse Vezina and Natalie Yabut Vezina and my entire team at Sanctuary barbell for constantly reminding me that I'm worthy and that I have value and then I am strong. And obviously for putting up with all my crazy LOL

I want to thank the entire community at CrossFit Now in Tucson, my CrossFit Ohana for the last two years. Everyone at CrossFit Huachuca in Sierra Vista who amazingly after all these years continue to support me and love me and cheer for me. The entire worldwide CrossFit Community who constantly and unceasingly sends me words of encouragement and support and love from the very beginning of this cancer Journey.

I want to thank all my friends, some of whom I have not seen in over 10 years, who have been a source of love and support and encouragement through some of the darkest moments.

Last but not least, I want to thank my God who never fails me! If you see any goodness in me, any light at all, anything worthy of value, it is Him in me!

Oh yeah, and also thanks Mom! Deb Gomez you are the biggest and most important blessing that God has given me. And I'm so grateful for our relationship. I love you.

Here's to you all, and hoping we all can be brave enough to live our best life and be the best us we can be! God bless you all!




Phoenix Open on Feb 9 2019

Phoenix Weightlifting open

US Masters Nationals Championships May 28-31 2019

World Masters Championships August 16-24 2019

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