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Is the POF Revolution the Best ‘AR10’ in the World?

September 29, 2018

It weighs more or less the same an AR15. So is the POF Revolution the best AR10-style rifle around now? We will see in this 36min Nutnfancy review. Much beloved here in TNP is its little brother, the POF Renegade that has proven to be truly a high end AR with excellent accuracy, reliability, and ground breaking high end features. The POF Revolution promises to follow suit.
It is very expensive to be sure and maybe some of that is because of the R&D and special materials needed to create a a BCR the same size of AR15. The walls of the bolt, which is again the same diameter of an AR bolt, are thinner to accommodate the .308 rim size.
Track record alone will tell if this design stands high rounds count. Maybe such is the current technological cost of this SAWC efficient battle rifle. To answer the title question we took this POF Revolution out on many outings and shot lots of expensive ammo. I’ll show the results of accuracy, reliability, ergos, SAWC concerns, and draw some key observations on this generation of Revolution.

Thanks to Gunnies Great American Store for assisting for this review. Check them out and buy stuff from Wyatt and the crew there, they make this review possible!: https://tinyurl.com/yavn4bza

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