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How much Fat on Keto Diet I should eat | Russ Scala The American Biohacker

December 9, 2018

How much Fat on Keto Diet I should eat ?
Folks Russ Scala here the American biohacker.
Download the grocery list: http://bit.ly/KetoFREEchecklist

Today we’re going to talk about how much fat in the keto diet.

Folks were asked all the time how much fat should you put in your diet. Well getting back to the research we are all biochemically unique. Understand this folks, fat distribution is genetically determined hormonal regulated and this diet should be different in men and women because of hormonal levels.

One example is if women are estrogen dominant and they have too much estrogen it’s going to cause keto to stall so wouldn’t it be great to understand that moving forward before you get frustrated with your fat adaptive phase.

Folks everybody has different fat carbohydrate and protein requirements. Since 1996 we’ve been testing mitochondrial function that’s how your body takes fats protein and carbohydrates and creates ATP or energy.

When you think about how much fat in the ketogenic diet I want you to think about something it’s not just about saturated fat. Folks in 1996 we were running a lab test called a red blood cell essential fatty acid analysis where we could look at the ratios of saturated fat omega-3s and omega-6s, and what I want to tell you is your fat requirement may be different.

Getting baseline testing will allow us to monitor and and plug in the fats that you may need for the keto diet. Folks we are all biochemical unique. None of us are going to respond to nutritional ketosis the same way so I provided you with a biohacker grocery list that you’re gonna be able to download for free visiting http://bit.ly/KetoFREEchecklist and download it right now.

If your goal is to lose weight understand this, everybody loses weight differently so what we can do is keep your insulin levels and inflammation markers down by eliminating the simple carbohydrates.

If your goal is memory and focus remember protein first to stay alert and your brain needs essential fatty acids to keep cognitive function running.

We’ve been testing athletes and regular people for the last 20 years, we know what performance looks like if you want to increase your performance you had you have to have the right balance of essential fats, the right balance of protein and the right balance of carbohydrates to keep your muscles functioning at a high level.

Most people get frustrated… Remember this, we are all biochemical unique, everybody will respond to this diet differently. There are 8,000 foods out there We have tendency to only eat 11.

The people out there that are telling you to only eat one way that’s wrong. In the terms of food and nutrient density rotation vs. repetition. The value of this list is un-measurable on how it will change your life. I invite you to download the free PDF now before it’s only available to my private clients visit http://bit.ly/KetoFREEchecklist to download your PDF.

This free biohacker grocery lists will put you in charge your own health take advantage of the ketogenic diet now!

Russ Scala, MA
Everybody and Every Body has a story