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Glycogen Loading is a Major Dietary Blunder

November 1, 2011

Glycogen loading landed on the exercise performance scene in the late 1930’s and caught on. The idea that carbs were the sole source of fuel to power muscular contraction was around for 100 years but was gradually disproved.


Low-Carb Misinformation is Everywhere

October 16, 2011

So many people who believe that they are experts confuse and bewilder witth all the misinformation they promote and I often wonder why they can’t get the facts straight. I believe that they just don’t dig into it enough. The person I describe in this video believes that ketones are bad. One could only hold […]


Muscle-Building Exercise Explained

October 16, 2011

I’ve recently received a lot of requests about ideal training methods for muscle building. In this video, I describe the basic elements that one needs to know to understand how to select exercise, resistance, and repetitions. The first step, however, is to define your goals


Calorie Miscounting Stalls Weight Loss Efforts

September 8, 2011

One of the most common issues that causes weight loss failure is miscounting calories and people are convinced that they are counting correctly andd they wonder why they are not losing.


Human Lipogenesis Forms Fat Rapidly from Carbohydrates

September 2, 2011

Some argue that humans cannot form fat from non-fat sources a process known as lipogenesis. This is not true as research shows that carbohydrate overfeeding can form as much as 170 grams per day of new fat with 98% formiing in adipose tissue and 2% in the liver.


Ketosis Confusion covered by Dr. Greg Ellis

August 28, 2011

In this video Dr. Ellis covers a question brought up by one of his facebook friends about ketosis. There is a lot of confusion over ketosis and what it actually means and in this video Dr. Ellis tries to answer some of the questions and clear up what ketosis really is.


Environmental Pollutants

August 23, 2011

Environmental pollutants have a huge impact on peoples health and ability for weight regulations. Dr. Ellis goes over how the food you eat and things you drink have an even bigger impact on your body than just the caloric value given by these foods


Interaction Between Calories-In/Calories-Out and Diet Composition

August 18, 2011

The energy balance equation rules supreme in weight control but there is a significant impact made upon it by diet composition and the interaction between fat and carbohydrates with carbs leading to fat accumulation even in the face of a calorie deficiency.

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