Fun with Kydex

October 16, 2017

Is Kydex an underused product?

Yes, but only if we don't know how to work with it, here's are some of it's strengths and weaknesses.  This video is my first attempt at making something, anything with Kydex.

After farting around with this stuff  most of the day I'm thinking of other thing to do with it other than sheaths and holsters,  Now don't get me wrong, sheaths and holsters are fun and very handy, but I thinking smaller things like Bic lighter covers, or the small channel-lock sheath I made in the video. 

I don't smoke but always carry a lighter, and they will get pressed in the open position while I am working and always end up empty  when I need it most.

Shotgun shall holders, Clip/Magazine Holders, and most likely even more, what ideas do you have, let me know, because any search will yield sheaths and holsters but not much more.

Learning Kydex

In all reality, prepper reality, it's all about Skills, and the more skills you have the better off you'll be.  Go camping and you learn fire making skills, shelter building and so much more, so learning to mold, press and shape Kydex should be in our wheelhouse as well.

The advantages of learning  Kydex are simple economics, I bought two 8"X10" sheets from Amazon for $12.00 and I could make a Holster or 2-4 Sheaths, and when the SHTF that could become a barter skill.

The stuff is flat, stores out of the way, and last forever, with some heat and an easy to make press you are in Business.

So grab a sheet or two, play around and have some fun.

Mark Boyle

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Mark Boyle

Every decision we make should err on the side of adaptability whether at work or at home, join a gym or take up hiking? The food we eat, should we grow it or hunt it? The decision-making paradigm we have chosen in life will determine the outcome of the crap-fest that may come our way, a job loss, medical problems, power outage from a storm, or even a zombie apocalypse. Therefore, every goal we set, skill we acquire, and piece of gear we purchase should be thought out, and truly fit our need to Survive.

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