Time to Take Survival Food to the Next Level? 

When it come to survival Food, and what you should  Store, you will find that my thinking is diametrically opposed to 90% of the Nutritional "Experts"  in the Prepper Community.

Mark Boyle


Why Food, and it's acquisition is one of the First Decisions you must make.

Well, first you need to decide to become prepared, and understand why becoming "Ready" is so important to you, your Friends, or Family. 

Then you can start your Journey, as for me, and my household, we are Keto, or plain old Carnivore and eat primarily meat and very little Carbohydrates, so many would call that a Low-Carb High-Fat diet.

Food and nutrition will be one of the most important, expensive, and time sucking things in all of your plans. Food determines many of your future buying decisions regarding land and it's location, the learning curve and focus of study whether farming or hunting, and all the tools needed for either one. This is not to say that if you become a farmer, that you will not eat meat, but the land to farm will be a big expanse, as opposed to say, a more "Off the Land" lifestyle, where Plants become a foraging thing, not a growing thing.

Plant Based Lifestyle

Farming was a way of life years ago and the families were hard working, some kids got up at 4 am to get chores done before school.  That was then, now we have machines and equipment , and our kids don't understand what a days work is.

But take it a step further, what will farming be like when the SHTF, what if there is an EMP, even small tractors might not work.  So the tools and equipment will end up being hand tools and ox, or horse pulled.

These things are all simple to overcome if there is no fuel or electricity, but all this equipment needs to be figured out way before the poo hits the spinning blades of reality.  

Meat Based Lifestyle

Ah, to be a mountain man and live off the land, or a trapper working for the Hudson Bay Company, what a life, until a brown bear try's to remove your head like Huge Glass from the Relevant Movie, a true story by the way.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that shooting  your next meal may not take as long as growing it, but the gear required to do that looks nothing like a plow. Also, on the farm, it's a given that you will have a roof overhead, and a worm, dry bed to sleep in.

To some this is no big deal, and when the end of the world as we knew it happens, we will all have to tough it out.

My point with all of this is that the cost and stuff needed to Farm are very specialized and expensive, but 180 degrees different than Hunting, Fishing, or Trapping..  Farm horses are different than pack, and riding horses, tools to farm without fuel might be more expensive, and the land is not where hunting is good, like the mountains. 

Think about these factors and it becomes easy to see that choosing one path is much cheaper, and less stressful, not to mention the learning curve involved to do just one lifestyle, well enough both. 


Well for me it was simple, I don't want to get Diabetes, Cancer, Heart Decease, Alzheimer's, Premature Aging, but you may be different.

The science is conclusive and there are tens of thousands of peer reviewed studies, but I won't bore you with facts, your question is what source will you derive your sustenance, Plants or High Fat Meats?

So save yourself a lot of time, and money, decide "What is there to eat"?

Here is a podcast series on this subject that may help.



I have listened to your podcasts for the past several months. I thought, why am I even listening to this? Then something you said hit me like a ton of bricks. I have been carb-free since then, I have continued my diet and have lost a total of 70 pounds.

Chris Smith

Recon Prepper

You've been busy and are hitting it out of the park with all your survival and prepper post lately.

So here is all the nutritional facts and info you will ever need!

I whole Heartly beleive in KETO and the LCHF Diet, so most all my content on nutrition will be from that point of view, yes I am that biased.



February 15, 2019

February 11, 2019