Fat Burning and Biochemistry Control: How it Really Works

Published on October 16, 2012

Fat Burning is a process dictated by specific and well-understood biochemical pathways. But what people talk about are not these facts but their own speculations which just gets them into a lot of trouble and leads to making many dietary mistakes. I read some of the comments posted on my videos, particulary on the one about ketones. I’ve stated it many times that the body prefers to burn fat as its primary source of fat but many argue against my point. Here, I show the specific biochemical steps leading to either fat burning or fat manufacture. As you can see it is all highly regulated by specific enzymes with different mechanisms of control effected by various hormones which are largely determined by the food types that a person eats. You can get all the facts on this by reading my book, Net Carb Scam at http://www.byebyecarbs.com.

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