April 9, 2017

Ron Paul: “Zero Chance” Assad Behind Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria; Likely A False Flag

by Mark Boyle

According to former Congressman Ron Paul, the chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhoun that killed 30 children and has led to calls for the Trump administration to intervene in Syria could have been a false flag attack.

Paul said the attack made no sense.

“It looks like maybe somebody didn’t like that so there had to be an episode,” said Paul, asking, “who benefits?”“It doesn’t make any sense for Assad under these conditions to all of a sudden use poison gases –

"I think there’s zero chance he would have done this deliberately,” said Paul.

The former Congressman went on to explain how the incident was clearly being exploited by neo-cons and the deep state to enlist support for war.

“It’s the neo-conservatives who are benefiting tremendously from this because it’s derailed the progress that has already been made moving toward a more peaceful settlement in Syria,” said Paul.

The DEEP STATE? False Flag?

The last time the deep state attempted to exploit a chemical weapons attack to launch military strikes on Assad’s government, the incident was later proven not to have been the work of the Syrian government.

The narrative for the August 2013 attack in Ghouta, which Barack Obama cited as the pretext for a long awaited U.S. attack on government targets in aid of jihadist rebels, completely collapsed after it emerged that the casualties were the result of an accident caused by rebels mishandling chemical weapons provided to them by Saudi Arabia.

The United Nations’ Carla Del Ponte also said that evidence suggested rebels had used sarin nerve gas.

As journalist Seymour Hersh reported in December 2013, intelligence officials told him that the entire narrative was a “ruse” and that “the attack was not the result of the current regime.

Hersh also revealed how then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was instrumental in approving the transportation of Libyan chemical weapons stockpiles to be handed to jihadist rebels in Syria.

It’s particularly disgusting to see the same lying Media, who were responsible for peddling fake news about “moderate rebels” for years, now pushing the same agenda for another giant, endless, bloody war in the Middle East while acting like they have the moral high ground by exploiting images of dead and dying children.

Obama's  intervention in Syria led directly to the refugee crisis and the rise of ISIS.

Trump, don't fall into the trap of following the same disastrous policy, many more innocent children will die than those who sadly lost their lives in Khan Sheikhoun.

Might I Add,

President Trump, I Love You Man, but you are a Representative of the 50 States, not the People, and have ZERO Constitutional Authority to take us, We the People to War, or use our weapons, that we paid for, without asking Congress first.

If punishment was called for by anyone, it would be Russia, Syria is Russia's Ally and is the parent in this case.  The entire World agrees that the use of chemical weapons is an international crime, and should be dealt with, but by who, us?

As a parent, if any person, came onto my property, and punished my Child for an alleged action without talking to me first, and giving me the chance to figure it out, there would be HELL to pay.

As President, you are to keep America Safe, this action, put all of us at Risk, I Thank God, Allah, Buddha, or any other Deity that was paying attention, that Russia has not Retaliated in the Same Knee-Jerk way that you have.​

If Russia or the Obama Administration dropped the ball, and did not follow through on removal of these chemical weapons, than this attack rest squarely at their Feet.​

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