April 12, 2015

Everyday Carry for Everyday Survival

by Mark Boyle

Everyday Carry for Everyday Survival

What will you be wearing when the Sh!t hits the Fan?

I tend to exclude stuff in the car or truck from everyday carry because what if your car-pooling or on a jog?  I have read hundreds of articles on this subject and some get it right and some get it wrong, get this wrong and you'll be up the proverbial creek without a paddle.


What is EveryDay Carry ? 

  • The stuff in your pockets
  • Your clothing
  • Your Footwear
  • Stuff in your wallet or purse 

Why is this so important to me and why should it be to you? Because, when you think about it, the things that can happen at anytime in life, running out of gas and having to walk 5-10 miles or just taking a walk away from your camp and getting turned around, thats why.  Granted it is hard to get lost or stranded in Anytown, USA, there are so damned many people, but it does happen, hundreds of time everyday, to regular folks.  

Every Day Carry means just that, what you are carrying on your person, everyday, everywhere.  Not the stuff in the car, not the stuff in a small pack, not your Bug-out-bag or get home bag, the stuff you have on you right this minute.  

According to George Carlin, "we all have Stuff",  so let's look it over.


Clothing is a much overlooked item with most discussions on EDC, your clothes are your first form of shelter and insulation.  Sure we all go out into the world dressed, except in that messed up dream when you get to work or school naked, but do we spend much thought on the importance.  If we have Wool garments that are fashionable and functionable then we are in a better condition if we are lost or stranded for a day or two.  Read this post for reasons you need Wool.  We don't always have a choice on optional clothing at work, but, a lightweight base layer of wool will help regulate body temperature winter and summer.  

Good leather belt, a military style one or paracord.  All my watches have a compass, and one even has temperature too.


My default position for anything touching my skin, is wool, but like most folks, I to can't afford to replace all my clothing, Yet.  Wool socks are usually twice as much but outlast the cheepie brands.  My first pair I wore for 4 days straight to test out the antibacterial properties of wool and was extremely happy with the results.  

With shoes or boots, the next pair you purchase just think to yourself, what if I had to walk 5-10 miles in them, not at work walking, but on dirt, rocks, uphill, downhill.  Most manufactures have very comfy, but stylish enough for most work environments.  I replace my laces with paracord.

In our Pockets:

Inventory time, if I empty my pockets, I get this look from my wife like i'm a kid, everything but the frog is in there.  What's important, pocket knife sturdy enough to baton small pieces of wood and not break.  Small pocket size dental floss, great for fishing too.  Cheap lighter or a Zippo even if you don't smoke, if they lose their fuel they still through sparks like crazy. Multi-tool, small but good quality. I found a cool little cosmetic mirror that was a promo item some store must have given out, small, flat and snaps shut, it's in my pocket. Keys make a great weapon, like brass knuckles but with spikes, you can sharpen them for skinning small critters, some keys have a small battery that you could use to start a fire with.  Flash drive with some kind of important info, no to much if found by some nefarious bad guys. 

Wallets and Purses:

What's in your Wallet?  Credit cards can be slightly heated then molded and sharpened for skinning.  I have a very cool flat multi-tool that has a sharp blade area, screwdriver tips on the corners and 5 sizes of hex head things even a 2"ruler, to measure minnows I guess.  A flat bottle opener and pictures to look at for company.  Some dollar bills, I keep any real cash in my pockets'  And my ID.

I'm leaving out the Purse or Handbag, because odds are you may not have it with you, just like a pack.  This is an Every Day CARRY thing.  Purses and packs get snatched and stolen,  but if you're sure you will have it in a bad situation than you will have even more cool stuff when you need it.

Well that's it!

You can find a Crap-Ton of videos on just how you can use the stuff on you, and in your pockets and wallet.  This Article is to help everyone think of your clothing and footwear as part of our every day carry items and I hope it helps you out.

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