February 10, 2019

Eat Meat not Plants | Paleo Issue

by Mark Boyle

The Hunter

Today's Hunter is far less likely to hunt year round, follow the herds, or find a food source in their back yards.

Hunter and Gathers are unlikely to ever Forage for their substance on a day to day basis for one simple reason, we have a job.  Those jobs are what we now use to provide for our families in every aspect of our daily lives, our job puts a roof over our heads, not a cave, and brings home the bacon and not a wild boar.

Most hunt for Sport these days, and not to put meat in the pot, food on the table, or to feed our tribe, life is good, and we have earned it, as a species.  Just a mere 100 years ago, what the earlier settlers called creature comforts, today would be called Bush-craft, or even drudgery, but jump back in time 30.000 years and what a difference we would all experience.

The Way-Back Mechine

Paleolithic Hunter of 30,000 years ago, stepped out of their caves and killed what ever they saw, there were no Fish and Game Officers to write a ticket, and P.E.T.A would have been on the Menu.  The only endangered spices on the Endangered Spices List was the Paleolithic Man Himself.

With all that aside, he followed the same rules as we do today, grab the gear, track the animals, pray for good luck.  The Skills are the same as well, be quite, stay, up-wind, keep your eyes open, and never turn your back on what could kill you,

Modern Day Hunters, the same as 30,000 years ago, are not that dissimilar, thinkers, able to use common sense, and reason, coming to the same conclusions by using the Humans ability to Rationalize.  We think therefore we are, we create better weapons, sharper tools and newer tactics, all in the name of food, survival, and ultimately reproduction.

Why Go Hunting?

Meat, that's why, meat is the only source of calories, or energy found on every part of the planet, there is meat in the deserts, and on the frozen tundra.  No matter the elevation, on the land or in the sea, humid or arid, you can have a Bar-B-Que.  Plants, not so much, most plant life is seasonal, and you can never be sure if they are even safe to eat, over 90% of all plant life will take your life if eaten, or prepared incorrectly.

Have you ever wondered how, or why the Persistence hunter of Africa can out last our Modern Day, highly trained, Carb-burning Long Distance athletes? Experts are still not sure either.  From this article it is plain to see that science will never, not in a million years, attribute it to Diet, even though it is clear, Scientists would rather chock on their own statistics, than admit that we are what we eat.

So back to our Persistence hunter and now Long Distance Runners, why are they so damn good at running? they are meat eater!!! they were raised on meat, hunted meat, they are the true Paleo Dieters.  Not everyone in the world has the blessing, or curse of the Supermarket diet, the places they come from are not agricultural based, they are Truly the lucky ones.  Watch this when you've got some time.

Kill It And Grill It

Forget all the Bull Sh** about Lean Meats, Fat and Heart Attacks, and eating more Protein, and if you are worried about all the bad Press regarding Fat, don't be.  Even if you don't have the time to go hunting, no big deal, just Buy It and Fry It, either way, Eat More Meat.  Once you are Fat adapted, you metabolism will burn fat, all fat, the fat you eat, and the fat you wear, all day, every day.

Meat has twice the calories than Carbs, it will not raise your insulin levels, so you will stay in fat burning mode, and may even save you money.  Yes, calorie for calorie, meat is the better deal, "IF" you are on a LCHF, Keto, or Paleo Diet.  Why do I say If? because Grains are cheap, that is why the US government recommended them during WW1 and WW2, and still do to this very day, Food Pyramid, and MyPlate ring a bell.  Cost is why we humans switched to grains 10,000 years ago, it was cheaper to feed the masses grains than to feed the livestock and have the plebs eat the meat.   So,if you buy into that silly "Carbs Good, Fat Bad" notion, and if you are eating Organic Veggies, and Fruits, Meat is lower in price.

There are tons of Info-Graphics showing the cost per calorie, or cost per cup, but none that I have looked into show real food, you know, the foods we buy at he store.  Most show the cost of potatoes, but not potato chips, if we actually compare what we eat per week to reach our total daily caloric needs, then we can do real math and find the real cost per day.

Hunting vs Shopping

Back to the Math Equation, start with what it costs you, not some one in a demographic group, but you, Joe or Jane Doe, to eat 2000 calories per day, for one week. I will assume you know how many calories you really need per day, but 2000 is easier to do math with.

I will also assume that you start with a menu, and a list of meals for that week, riiight?  now for the easy part, what do you buy as far as cereal, bread, salads, soups, fruits for snacks and making drinks and shakes or even smoothies.  Add up the cost for that day or week, and divide it by the calories in it. BOOM!!!, that is your cost per calorie.

So, what if you only ate meat, eggs and milk or cream, and butter?  Take that same 2000 calorie meal and do the same math, I eat lots of hamburger and bacon, use heavy cream in my coffee, and butter on my stakes, sounds good, not like we are eating Tofu, right? Do the Math, odds are that the cost will be lower, using real food, what you really eat, and even if they are only close, think of the True Health Benefits, and Fad Diet Savings.

If we factor in the saving of hunting for that meat, the numbers get even better, but I'm not saying go on some expensive hunting trip for a week or two, just hunting.  In most areas, hunting will open up more saving, and no matter where you live, there is something you can hunt year round,  Rabbits, and small game like squirrel, birds, even predatory animals in many areas, and yes, eating Bobcat is awesome. 

The list of everyday game for hunting may sound Gross, but what did the Paleolithic Man eat?  Even the American Indians not long ago ate Dog and Houses, and goat is the #1 meat for consumption throughout the World, just not here in the good old USA.

Value Added Proposition 

Hunting is a Great Activity, you will gain so much more than just food, if you go out every week for a small hunt, you can save money on gym memberships.  You will increase your Cardio, build leg, arm, and back muscles, and learn to co-exist with nature.  You will get to spend time with your Family and Children if you have them, learn to Camp, and pick up some land navigation skills.

Most importantly, the Meat you hunt will taste better, and is Free of Antibiotic, and GMO's, it is naturally balanced with natures Protein-Fat content ratio, not Micro-Managed by some dumb-ass theory from an uneducated Health Trainer.

We were meant to eat Meat, you don't see Birds changing their diets year to year, animals eat the same diets today, as they did 10,000 years ago, what makes us any different?  We know now that the Paleolithic men and women ate meat, from DNA research of late, there were NO Vegetarians, or Vegans, just humans beings, eating what they could find, kill, and eat.

So put a big ass steak on your plate, smoother it with butter, and bite the shit out of it!!!

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Why eat meat instead of carbs?

A good diet will focus on meat instead of carbs, this helps you avoid a dangerous process known as glycation. Eat meat instead of carbohydrates for a healthy diet.

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