Dr. Ellis’s Key to Anti Aging and Living Longer

Published on October 15, 2010

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There Is No Fountain of Youth But Here’s How You Can Live 10, 20, Even 30 Years Longer

A classic book on key anti-aging strategies by Dr. Ellis, The Longevity Road Warrior. All the important information I’ve collected during my life as I investigated the available strategies to help us reach a healthy, long life.

ere are our concerns: (1) As we age, we want to be free of disease until our individual sun begins to set; (2) We want to push our survival time to its maximum, believed by some, to be 120 years; (3) Some of us would like to push that life span beyond the 120-year point; (4) We want the life we achieve to be the highest quality. And all of these concerns, above, are being actualized, today, in laboratory animals. Scientists are actually upping the ante on life span by about 30%. The method involved is the use of calorie restriction. You can read all about this in my new book, The Glycation Factor.

There are two main factions competing for your money and your confidence, and there’s not much overlap or love between them. The first group comprises the medical institution’s university/hospital-based gerontologists; the second group comprises the providers of anti-aging medicine, many of whom are also medical doctors. This group, however, is heavily populated by nutrition supplement sellers and marketers, and that makes them very suspect to the gerontologists.

The gerontologists have issues with the word anti-aging because they are disaffected with the practices and recommendations made by the supplement group. The gerontologists are in the process of trying to identify their group moniker and are settling on the word, longevity, rather than anti-aging.

What’s the war about? The gerontologist says, “Efforts to combat aging and extend human life, date at least as far back as 3,500 B.C. and self-proclaimed experts have touted anti-aging elixirs ever since.”

The rub is in four words: self-proclaimed experts and elixirs. So someone, somewhere, established that the gerontologist was the true expert and that the others, without real authority, were quacks, hawking useless therapies.ng life.

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