February 11, 2019

Doctors Like Pirates, Lie And Wait, But Most Doctors Are Pirates

by Mark Boyle

Doctors Like Pirates 

Doctors Like Pirates Lie And Wait all because in 1979, Stott and Davis presented an influential model that elicited four potentials of the encounter between patient and doctor:

  1. Management of presenting problems
  2. Modification of help seeking behaviour
  3. Management of continuing problems
  4. Opportunistic health promotion

Since then, opportunistic preventive initiatives have become considered to be part of good medical practice.  From a moral point of view, preventive medicine, is to improve health among people who are currently free of symptoms, and is fundamentally different from Curative medicine, which is offered to patients who seek medical help. These two imply different promises and have different obligations to the individuals whose lives they modify.

I have no issues with Curative medicine and feel that it is not opportunistic, the questions asked will help your Doctor pinpoint and diagnose the problem, and focus any testing.  This is one of the reasons we head off to see our Doctors in the first place, it is for us the Patient, to find out why it hurts.

But when we are asked irrelevant questions, is where I draw the line, have you ever been at a routine Check-up, and had your Doctor ask, Do you have Guns in the house? What News Channel do you Watch?  These questions are dictated by Insurance Companies and Government Agencies to get Doctors to act as Google Bots to gather useless Metadata.

Opportunistic Preventive Initiatives

This is when Doctors, Like Pirates Lay And Wait, stop in and get a yearly check-up for Health Ins. or Life Ins. or just get a routine Physical.  The odds are good that your Doctor will ask about your diet, the foods you eat and the amount of sleep you're getting.  If you answer with something about diet, he or she will tell you that Fat is bad and Carbs are good.  Even  better tell your Doc that you are on a High Fat Diet and watch blood shoot out of his or her eyes.

It’s not uncommon to see adult diseases in children today, In the 1980s it was almost unheard of to see a child with type 2 diabetes,  Yet one Doctor believes the best way to tackle obesity is to teach children and their parents how to prepare healthy meals. Taking them into the kitchen to work on preparing healthy recipes, and has them pick veggies from her garden.  Let me explain this paragraph, 27 years ago it was unheard of to see a child with type 2 diabetes.  What has changed? Doctors telling Parents to eat the Supermarket Diet, more Whole Foods and Plenty of Fruits and Veggies.

Doctors have no idea of what is Healthy Foods nor Nutritious Meals.  By the way it was in 1979 when Stott and Davis presented an influential model. I guess we are to assume that it is all one big coincidence, or, is it when we as parents started taking our Doctors opportunistic preventive initiative advice?

In ‘Doctored,’ Sandeep Jauhar's newest book:  He states "It’s not news, of course, that our medical system has become dysfunctional". But Dr. Jauhar’s personal account shows that brokenness on a human scale, starting with the doctor-patient relationship, which is in tatters.  In his telling, "being a caring doctor has become practically cost-prohibitive".

He describes an internist whose patients tended to have long stays at Long Island Jewish. That doctor admits, evidently without shame, that he keeps them there to make more money. He appears unconcerned about increasing his patients’ risk of picking up a deadly infection.

When Will We Learn

I have been saying for years that we must take control of our own health and diet.  When you go to the Doctor, do you have a vague idea of what is wrong with you?   Do you remember what you ate last or when something started to feel different to you?  Take the time to study the symptoms, Google it and give it some good old Self Evaluation.  I'll admit, finding a Good Doctors is as hard as finding a Good Contractor, or Auto Mechanic, they are out there, but if we can't ask knowledgeable questions, how will you know if their answers are BS or not?

Americans are getting sicker every decade, obesity is on the rise, childhood diabetes is becoming an epidemic, heart disease, strokes, macular degeneration, crones, alzheimer's, and low testosterone to name a few, yet, we have the most advanced medical system on the planet, so what gives?  Dieting and Fad Diets are on the rise and so is our poor health, all while we spend $60 BILLION a year trying to lose weight and get healthier.

Something is not right, and my guess is that it all has to do with Bad Advice from unwitting Doctors.  When your Doctor asks you about Diet, ask your Doctor about their Degree in Nutrition, and Biochemistry,  i'm sure they will tell you that they have no clue about those subjects.  But, if you don't ask, he or she will advise that you continue to follow the same tired and worn out line of garbage that has not worked, and will never work.  How can you be sure that this medical folklore won't work, read the statistics, the only thing that has changed over time is that we as a nation are getting sicker by the day, if you follow statistics, you will become a statistic.

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