Weight Watchers, one of the best?

Here is Weight Watchers Diet Review for those that like to read along.


  • Eat what you want...in moderation
  • Very Low Fat
  • Lean Protein
  • Lots of Fruits and Veggies

How it Works

  • Smart Points
  • Planner
  • Weekly Meeting
  • Online Help
  • App

The Math

SmartPoints Made up using

  • Calories,
  • Sugar,
  • Protein and
  • Saturated Fat Content

Daily point=

2 pts F 8 pts M
4 pts 17-26 years old 3 pts 27-37 2 pts 38-47 1 pts 48-58
1 Pt per 10 lbs body weight + 1 pt 5’1”-5’10” 2 pts if over 5”10”
6 pts for labor intensive work 2 pts Moderate 0 pts Sedentary work
Add up pts-recalculate every 2-4 weeks to account for any weight loss

Food Calculations
calories divided by 50
Total grams of fat by 12
Example (150 calories / 50) = 3 plus (7g fat / 12) = 0 total points is 3
Dietary Fiber (4g Divided by 5) = 0 subtract sum from points above 3-0=3

A person’s weekly Points are Actually based on RMR, Height, Weight, and Age, then add in the multiplier for Activity to know the TDEE, or Total Daily Energy Expenditure. See HHFD Article

Pro's & Con's

Support Groups
Mobile App
SmartPoints on many Restaurant Menus
Can follow Weight Watchers without signing up

Allows for too many snacks due to lack of satiety, or the quality or state of being fed
Whole Grains equal Lower Points, Fat equals Higher Points
Fruits and Veggies are zero points if eaten
Puts Fats in with Sweets and Alcohol adds high points
Fiber is a Negative Points Food

Why should you not do this diet

  • The science used with Weight Watchers is garbage and based on old, and disproven thesis..  Ancel Keys was an American physiologist who studied the influence of diet on health. In particular, he hypothesized that dietary saturated fat causes cardiovascular heart disease.
  • It is a HIGH CARB LOW FAT DIET, Macronutrient Recommendations by Weight Watchers is Protein: 10-35% Fat: 20-35% Carbohydrate: 45-65%..  From WW Site they say this "Carbohydrates are your body’s primary energy source for everything from movement to brain function"
  • With Weight Watchers deep pockets, they could do Better.  There are thousands of Studies that Now Prove, Eating a High Fat Diet, will help you Lose Weight, and even More Studies that Show the Correlation that Carbs are causing most of the Diseases we face today.
  • Weight Watchers follows these old models and theories to save Money, not Lives, and just keep pushing the Myth of Fat Bad, Carbs Good.


Hello High Fat Diet, HHFD-Videos, Nutrition

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