February 10, 2019

Diabetes and other Illnesses | Coaches Corner

by Mark Boyle

Diabetes and other Illnesses

Diabetes and other Illnesses, Many states that regulate the practice of individualized nutrition counseling provide exemptions and allowances for the communication of general, non-medical health and wellness information and supportive services.

Basic, publicly available: 

  • generic information about food and/or supplements,
  • methods of preparation (food),
  • nutrient data,
  • physiological mechanisms of action,
  • interactions, or other information that is not individualized or advising a course of action.  

For example, “Oranges contain Vitamin C. Dahhh!!!

Providing publicly available information about, Encouragement, or Support for Healthy Food, Diet and Lifestyle that may prevent disease or improve overall health when not specifically recommended for a medical condition generally fall within this exemption.

However every state is different; read the exemptions in the law regulating dietetics and/or nutrition of the state(s) in which you practice. In addition, some states have additional laws protecting the use of some alternative and complementary practices. Where these exist they are noted and linked in the summary of each state's law. These should be reviewed as well to see if and how they apply to your situation.

Exemptions, clear as Mud

Like all bureaucracies, they are loaded with miles of Red-Tape, enough to bind any Common Sense thinking person.  Their Laws, or Policies, are written to confuse, and leave a Huge Backdoor for them to come in, and arrest anyone they please.

The problem is that all the Generically Excepted Information is garbage, and not based in Science.  Sure the FDA loves the Bull Shit, but for over 50 years, it has been disproved, and shown to be wrong by the Scientific Community.  So what gives and why?  The FDA, in it feeble attempt to solve one problem, created so many more.  Download this Free eBook here

To give help to your Clint's you need to not only know all of these exemptions, and how they apply to you, but how showing what does work, actually works...and staying out of jail.

Fat Vs. Sugar

Once you understand the science of it then you can help steer your Clients in the right direction.  You can say to them that this is what is out there, and it might just help you.

But, there is always a but, you can not say "This will work for you or You need to try this to get your Diabetes under control",  that would be Diagnosing, or Prescribing a Treatment.  Even though Dr. Gregory Ellis has a PhD. in Biochemistry, he can not prescribe a diet.  What he does is teach his diet, and how he follows it, it is in his books, yet he is never prescribing to his patents any diet that goes against the blessed FDA.

It's all Semantics 

Learn the right words, and teach as though you care.  Teach what Mark?  Well after reading Books and Articles I found out that 90% of all the information follows the FDA Guidelines, so if you go by that, everyone will continue to get sicker.  All the statistics bare it out, we are getting worse, not better, but no one will explain why, and it makes sense too.

If you are a Doctor, and lead one of your patents down a path, not sanctioned by the FED's, and they feel you screwed them, misled them, or harmed them, sue you, and you will loose.  They will not need to prove that you are wrong, and in most cases they have no clue, that is why they came to you in the first place, they will just say that you harmed them, and the FDA will agree with them.

Why you ask? here is an example, or factoid, you may not know, for less than $100,000.00, that's one hundred thousand dollars, you can get a heart transplant.  WTF you say, yes, it is legal in India to put a pigs heart into a human, a pigs heart is basically Plug-n-Play, and there is no rejection.  Yet in the good ole USA, that is illegal, the FED's say it is immoral and wrong, so every day thousands of Pig Hearts are swept down the drain while Americans wait on a list, and many end up dying.

The FDA has setup all the rules, and those rules are not setup for public health, kind of sucks don't it?

Playing in the Weeds

You need to figure it out, all of it, be your own test subject if you have to.  So let's look at these Bullet Points one by one and try to figure out what we can do to help our Clients.

1. Generic information about food and/or supplements. This one is the Low Hanging Fruit of the bunch, this can be found everywhere from online to Media Advertisements.  Diet plans like Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and even Low Carb High Fat Diets fall into this one.  McDonald's Ads will tell you that they have Low Fat and even a Salad Menu, and Apple, and Fruit choices for the Kids.  These all fall under the approval of the FDA Guidelines because these choices are straight out of, or off the My Plate food Groups.

2. Methods of preparation (food).  They, the Fed's, don't go all Sciencie on this one, most Coaches color in the lines on  this, and if you learned anything from Mom, or Dad this is fairly clear.  Cook your meat until it is overdone, scramble your eggs to a rubber consistency and wash all the glyphosate off all fruits and veggies.  

3. nutrient data. Twice as easy as #2, we all can read a label, might not understand any of the words, but we can read.  Most nutritional data comes from the scientific community and is based on proven theory, but, the % of Daily Values is based on speculation.  Garbage in-Garbage out, take the Glycemic Index, the Doctors that came up with it proved that they where wrong during the testing phase, they published it anyway.  

4. Physiological mechanisms of action. These are science based terms, and therefore you have tens of thousands of Peer-Reviewed papers out there.  Doctors learn very little when it comes to nutrition, 2 to 4 hours to be exact, but they do have a licence, this gives them some creditably, but not much.  Biochemistry is a complex subject, but we are only interested in a very small part of that field of study, so we don't need to know everything, just the food digestion part.  you don't need to know everything about the field of Thermodynamics to know for a fact that fire burns.

5. Interactions, or other information that is not individualized or advising a course of action.   The key words here are "Individualized" and "Advising" , in other words, Don't make a Diet plan for an Individual to treat their Illness.

As you can see, you have wiggle room as a Wellness or Health Coach, if your Clients have weight issues or any other problem that may be slowing their progress, the more you study, the more wiggle room you will gain.

In Summery

Do not make a Diet plan for any Individual to treat their Illness, weight issues or erectile dysfunction, instead, modify an existing Generic diet plan, like the LCHF, Paleo, or Ketogenic Diets out there, and avoid Fad-Diets.   Use words like "What I Do", "Others Have had Success", and always provide information from Medical Journals, if asked, it makes you sound smart too.

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