Best EDC Flashlights: Acebeam M10 & PC10

October 25, 2018

The Acebeam product is totally impressive to me, especially these special colors I show you here. You’ll see a close look of some epic EDC flashlight models they make here: the compact M10 and PT10 lights. They are extraordinarily bright, tough, and reliable. Beamshots from the field are included and is some cheesy underwater testing! I still think the Olight S20/S2 is hands down the best flashlight ever made and it has been my go to EDC choice for over 5 years but these come real close! Buy quick below because my vids sometimes sell out the lights/knives at BHQ that have limited stock.

The transformative Titanium Lynch knife clips, BHQ:
Acebeam lights at BHQ, the xltn FDE colors too, buy quick b. they sell out:
Super cool Orange Camo Spyderco Endura HAP40 ltd edition at CuterlyShoppe:
The Amazing Olight S2, best ever:

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