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The Mark Boyle Show | 12/09/18 | S1E6

December 14, 2018

WTF France, are their leaders so deaf they can hear what is going on outside their cushy palaces?   It is sheer ignorance when leaders won’t listen to the people, I mean Plebs, and fear not it is the same here in America. I say screw France, let’s talk about Prepping, how do we get prepared and […]


The Mark Boyle Show | 12/02/18 | S1E5

December 4, 2018

Voter Fraud, Fighting the Enemy Within, and Screw France, because I’m a Nationalist too! So how on Earth do we fix the problems we face as Patriots, start shooting, start thinking, or just give up?​​​​​​The Mark Boyle Show will be on the Radio, KYAH 540 AM and KNAK 1620 AM


The Mark Boyle Show | 11/25/18 | S1E4

December 4, 2018

It is my belief that most advanced Preppers are ready to Bug-out at a moments noticeMost have plenty of SkillsTons of GearOurs Mindset is made-upHell most of the Preppers I have met even have a location to head too, and it’s paid for! so I wonder, what are we waiting for? This episode drills into the reality […]


Prepper Guy Is Going “RADIO”

October 28, 2018

Awesome!!!I can’t Thank John Jeffers enough for this opportunity, what a Great Friend. ​​​​​​As the message says, The Mark Boyle Show will be on the Radio, KYAH 540 AM Utah’s Talk Authority.  Sat. 7-8 pmFull Episodes will be replayed at Contra Radio Network along with the Jeffers Brief and one other Show To be announced soon […]


The Philosophy of Violence | EMP Series | PGP059

May 30, 2018

The Philosophy of Violencevi·o·lencebehavior involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something. Violence needs philosophy, and yet, compared to some of the other disciplines in the humanities and the social sciences, especially political science, international relation, sociology and social psychology, philosophy has been almost reluctant to engage with the problem of […]

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