Why we buy gear is far less important then how we chose that gear, the word implies a meshing together of moving parts. Our gear therefore must work in harmony with the situation we may face, and the desired outcome. - Mark B.

Gear Heads

Some may think that Preppers are gear junkies, gear heads or just plain crazy, and this may be true for some.  But when you get Prepared for anything in life, you will need things for whatever project you start, and just because you have a list, don't mean that you Must acquire everything on that list.  First you need to take inventory of stuff on hand, if it's usefulness, then re-evaluate.

Inventory, hmm whats this?

Most people have tons of stuff, but is it any good for your preparation goal, and outcome?

  • Go through your closets, sheds and garage. 
  • Gather all the gear into a ginormous pile.
  • Sort into like equipment, knives, lighters, tents, packs, etc.

Usefulness, ten dollar piece of crap!

How old it is means nothing compared to how good it is, was it your dad's Or your granddads?

  • Age is a relative term, not all new things are junk, not all old things are good.
  • Technological changes things for the good, or maybe not.
  • Can I use it, carry it, or fix it?

Re-evaluate, what was I doing?

This is "Big Picture" time, will this stuff, mesh with my survival goal, if not, replace it.

  • How much use will it get? Some things a lot.  Other things will get less used. 
  • Weight, you will most likely have to carry it, maybe for days.
  • Functionality, can I get by without it, or is this a must have?

This is not a list of the top 10, or 50 items you must have as a prepper, or You Will DIE page, it is just a "Get Your Head Around It" thing.  

Having the right gear, knowing how to use it, and being comfortable with it, understanding the limitations and precautions of your gear, will save your life.  

“No matter how much gear you have, if it’s with you when you need it, you're on a camping trip, but if you need it and don't have it, you are in a survival situation.”

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