Being A Prepper Guy, not "That Guy...or Gal"

We all know, a person that is oblivious to what is happening every day,  that thinks everything is "Awesome".

And we all know Someone that is the opposite, someone that "THINKS" the sky is always falling.

For Those Visually Impaired

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Preparation is not about being a doomsday prepper, or a zombie apocalypse, end of the world person, it’s about bad things happening to good people, and how we can prepare for the unknown?

You know you're a Good Person, but like so many others,  have had a run-in with Murphy's Law from time to time.  Whether you want to admit it or not, there is a level of anixity of the uncertian we all experence in our everyday lives.  This is normal and we can midagate it, most times, by having our routines that help us all move from task to task.

Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you’re full of questions, concerns, and some doubt, but have a mindset to be Ready and damn good idea of what MAY Happen.

But maybe you…

  • Have no clue what kind of Prep's you need.
  • Need help sorting through the avalanche of information.
  • Feel frustrated and uncertain. You wish more people could relate to what you’re trying to do. (Your friends think you're paranoid or crazy, they don’t quite “get it”).

No matter where you are in your Preparedness journey, you want your Self, and or Family, to have a BETTER Chance.

You want to learn Skills, but not all of them, just the ones you need, and are comfortable doing.

You're ready to take this to the next Level and start doing things outdoors with Friends, and Family, that are useful, but add to your Skills.

You want to buy everything you "Think" you may need, and want to buy it now, all at once,  but what is Everything? and how do I use it?

Trust Me My Friend, I have so been there.

Now, around these parts, I have a few core beliefs…

  • I believe you understand that Murphy's Law is Real, and happens to Everyone, at least once a week.
  • I believe you have a Goal  in the back of your mind to be Ready. I’m here to help you bring it to life in an unstoppable way.
  • I believe you desire Freedom, Liberty, and the Right to Defend those around you that you Love. And I’m determined to give you the understanding to do just that
  • If I’m being honest, I also believe that Biochemistry controls our Health, Politics control our Freedoms and being Prepared with knowledge controls our Outcomes.

What Others Say...

I have listened to your podcast for the past several months. The first one I listened to was Calories. I thought, why am I even listening to this? Then something you said hit me like a ton of bricks. I have been carb-free since then, I have continued my diet and have lost a total of 70 pounds.

Did not lose or gain any over the holidays so that was a win. Did lose another 1.5 inches in the waist. The real joy is having all of my old clothes actually fit! And having people I work with comment on how good I look.

Podcast Listener

This is one of the more realistic views of what will happen after an emp in my opinion.

No sugar coating here the author has done his homework and tells it like it is. While this isn't a how to book it's more a what if or when it happens this is what to expect book.

Facebook Group Member

For years the doctors have been saying don't eat fat, how wrong they were, now they are changing their mind. My doctor actual suggested lchf, I've lost 7lb in 1 week and love it. Goodbye to low fat.

Great video, love the look of your breakfast.

Hilton Girl
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My Journey

Learning a different way of looking at the decisions I made when I bought things, did things, and how I choose to view politics and culture I lived in, did not come to me overnight.  

In my early days I was Paranoid, Worried all the time, A-Typical.  I had the Years supply of what preppers call Beans, Bandaids, and Bullets... That was 40 years ago.

Home Me

Fast-Forward to present, the World is still here and the only Zombies I can find are in D.C., so changes where in order, a Paradigm Shift.  I found that worrying about the "Big One" does no good, and only cost tons of Money.

Over the years I have  come up with 3 Principles

Mindset, do your research and get going in the right direction. If your goal is to get in shape, what prep could you encompass? You could join a Gym, get into Crossfit or take up cycling, but what would kill 2 or even 3 birds with 1 stone? After much thought, my choice was hiking, because it well get me into great shape (bird 1), Learn land navigation and map reading (bird 2), End up with great Bug Out Gear (bird 3).

Skills, learning a skill is an awesome thing, it builds self esteem and confidence. Skills can be passed on to your children without estate tax, can’t be misplaced, and the batteries never need charging. Skills should be a top priority in any preparations for the end of the world as we know it, or TEOTWAWKI. These Skills from training become our instincts and we all have heard that when things get bad your training kicks in.

 Gear, tools, whatever. If you’re going to do, or build something, get involved in the process, practice with the Stuff you acquired to do that project, so you learn to use, to the fullest, those tools and gear. This way if the balloon goes up, bad thing happen, you have the training to use your gear.

The things we need everyday, we will need in any disaster that may befall us,  Food, Water, Fire, and Shelter.  Life as we live it right now, will be no different than in a Bad Situation, except our Comfort Level.