March 24, 2015

About the Survival Mindset

by Mark Boyle

Never Give Up

What does it mean to you or me in a survival situation? Your Survival Mindset means life or death, it is that simple. Hospitals tell visitors to keep Ubeat because the patients attitude is often more important than the treatment.

If it is the end of the world, Zombies, Night of the Comet, or similar scenarios then great, there are millions of empty homes with food, water, shelter and your bills are no longer due. This is a fantasy and the likely hood of this happening is astronomical, so back to reality.


Growing A Survival Mindset

If you are lost or survive a plane crash, then being alive is the first part of having a good outlook on a very bad situation, don’t go into survivor guilt, be happy to be alive. Think about your good fortune and that people will be looking for you and others. Remember that you can live 3 weeks or more without food, and more than 3 days without water, so be happy and build a shelter, look for food and water as you go. As you work to better your situation set a realistic baseline, and plan for the worst case. You will walk home, you will be hungry, and you will get thirsty, and you will survive.

  • You need, must have oxygen to live, and because you survived, and your breathing, one down.
  • Next up Water, so if it rains, don’t bitch about it and go in the shelter, collect it. If it’s snowing then your set, heat and drank-repeat.
  • Fire, can’t stay warm without it, but you need it to boil water and cook, plus it keeps predators away, so make it and keep it going, not like you have any demands on your time, going to work, or a Honey-Do list, etc.
  • Food, um mm, need that too. Most plants will kill you, and all meat is eatable. If you won’t kill to survive, then lay down and DIE or change your “survival mindset”, or your precious animals will eat you, and they will.
  • Gimme Shelter, a roof overhead does wonders for the psyche, protection from the elements, and it keeps you busy. Don’t build a Mc Mansion if you plan on moving every day, but if your in a “Stay Put” area with plenty of food and water and part of waiting for rescue then go for it, otherwise just shelter.

For more information on staying alive in a life or death situations get this Awesome Book by Mykel Hawke This is an Audible Book, if you are not an Audible member yet, get 2 Books for FREE.

So anyway that’s it for this short post, remember, the first rule of Survival is …Don’t Die. Your survival mindset can keep you alive.

The Prepper Guy mission is to teach the importance of when the SHTF (shit hits the fan) you’ll have what you NEED to stay Alive.

More in-depth articles are about stuff, you know, Gear, and why it is or is not important for your Survival. When you're in a Survival situation your Every Day Carry items are all you’ll have, so get it right.

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