PGP045: 2 Life Saving Tips for Ramadan and your Safety


2 Life-Saving Tips for Ramadan and your Safety, how to deal with concerns, not paranoia. It's your life so think before you act, and don't be a crazy person.


Summary:   There are options during Ramadan that we have in avoiding hostile acts of violence towards us, but we must be smart, and not become the bad guys or gals.  Have Fun, be Polite and avoid paranoia, but be Vigilant and follow these Guidelines.

  • Talk to local law enforcement and remember that the Sheriff is the CLEO in your County
  • Let your City Council know that they will receive no support or money from you at events if they can't assure your families safety
  • Put the ball in their court by explaining to your Mayor and the City Council that you have a concern or complaint.
  • It is not profiling for Law enforcement to investigate or follow up on a complaint
  • Attand all Rallies or Events with a group of like-minded friends, and stick together
  • Don't become a know-it-all when talking to Law Enforcement of Elected officials
  • Dont threaten any group of people or act as if you are a Vigilante or Malitia in public or at any Council Meetings
  • Don't be an Ass
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Your Sheriff is the Ultimate Law Enforcement Officer in your County 

The Sheriff answers to the People and no Other, Not the President, Not the Governor, BUT only to you and his Oath and The People that Elected him.

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