07/02/18 Update | FJ40 Project | Pets cost Money, Lots of $$$

Published on July 2, 2018

Not much has been done, had some Pet Issues. We did manage to pour some concrete for a driveway, so now I don't have to crawl around in the dirt.

Pets cost Money, Lots of $$$

Due to our little Maddy hurting her back, work on the FJ came to halt, worth it though.  She just makes me so damn happy, and is my Heart on a leash, so seeing her unable to walk was too sad for the wife and I.  Her back surgery went Great and is doing so much better, Doc says to keep her from jumping off of things because that is what is so bad on their backs.

We did get a new driveway and second parking area completed, so that is progress in the right direction.  Summer brings so much work that it drives me nuts, is it worth it? the Jury is still out on that question.

I will be getting my list together for this project, and posting the work as soon as work continues.  I did a Barter with a Mechanic friend so as soon as he gets back from Vacation I want his input on the breaks and drive-line, before I order shit I don't need.

Thanks for watching and feel free to add any thoughts and comments below, until next time, go run shit over!!!

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Pets cost money
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